• a) Sand Filter= Removes the turbidity from water.

  • b) Activated Carbon Filter= Removes the color and smell of the water.

  • c) Anti scaling Dozing= Separates the scales from water.
  • d) 5 Micron Filter= Filters the scale.
  • e) Reverse Osmosis= Filters the hardness and other impurities from the water and give sweet clear water.
  • f) UV Filter= Deactivates the bacteria’s from the purified water.
  • The RO purification is the most advanced technology in water purification, which gives the best result.

    Available from 500 LPH to 10000 LPH Capacities.

    How the system works:

The raw water should be stored in a Tank, and should be pumped to the Sand and Carbon Filter. From there the water again will be pumped to the RO membrane using a high pressure pump. The RO will allow only the best molecules of water to pass through it, and will reject the hard water. The final water hardness will be below 50 TDS and gives more taste. This RO purified water will pass through a UV lamp, which de activates the bacteria in water and can be stored in a Tank.

From the Final storage Tank we can connect the out let to a coin wending Machine. We can adjust the price of water. For example: if you put a 5 Rs. Coin in the wending point you can draw 10 or 20 Litres of water. This system is very much use full and effective in villages, Hospitals, and any public places.

Benefits of coin vending machine (RO PLANT)

  • ü Suitable for rural areas and cities where still corporation water connections not available and places where pure drinking water is not available and also for hospitals, schools & colleges.
  • ü It helps to reduce the water born diseases
  • ü People will get good quality of water at lesser price in all the seasons
  • ü It takes less than 10x10 sq.ft. place
  • ü Collected coins can be used for the mentainance of the plant