E-pure Water Softenizer

E-pureWater Softenizer is the single solution for all your hard water problems.

The existing softeners available are of high flow rate (around 500Lph) and higher capacity (around 2500Lph). The regeneration process of conventional softener is cumbersome; it involves number of valve operations. The design of the POU Softener has evolved from the need to have a softener with affordable cost; also it should be convenient for domestic use. The new design called as POU Softener is user friendly and specially meant for POU application such as geysers, washing machines and bathroom appliances.

This sleek, stylish & state-of-art, Zero B Softenizer, from Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., cleanses every drop of water making it free of hardness causing calcium and magnesium.

How can you identify hard water ?

Apparels: Reduces the life of clothing (by as much as one third) and wears out linen at twice the normal rate.
Utensils: Scale deposit on surface and loss in luster.
Expensive Appliances: Corrupts electrical fixtures causing malfunctions and damage beyond repair.
Pipes: Forms 'Scale' a mixture of calcium and magnesium that precipitates and thickens with time reducing the water flow through pipes.
Cleaning Functions: Many households cleaning tasks are made more difficult and time-consuming when hard water is used as it lathers the least with soaps and detergents.
Personal Groomin : Hair problems: Hard water makes hair brittle and difficult to manage, robs it of natural highlights, causes hair loss and premature baldness.
Skin problems: Skin loses its natural moisture, becomes dry and itchy, that sometimes results in serious skin problems.

How does softenizer work ?

The unit consists of a tank containing Ion Exchange Resin Media, which removes hardness from water to acceptable level. When the hard water passes through this sodium rich Ion Exchange Resin, the media exchanges minerals that cause hardness like Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) for Sodium. This results in the softness of water that comes out from outlet.

After continuous usage, the resin gets saturated with minerals causing hardness i.e. Ca and Mg. Then this Ion Exchange Resin has to be regenerated or recharged using common salt . The Ion Exchange process requires salt to be added periodically to the softenizer unit, a step called 'Recharging'.

Benefits of soft water

  • Get the purest form of soft water, reduced hair loss and stop skin ailments.
  • Increase the life span of expensive bathroom and kitchen appliances.
  • Reduce plumbing problems with scale deposition on bathroom fittings.
  • Make utensils retain their shine longer.
  • Prevent fabrics from losing their natural look and feel.
  • Saves exorbitant electricity bills because it functions without electricity.

  • Value Added Services

  • AMC for WTP/STP/ETP.
  • Installation & commissioning.
  • Onsite Training.
  • Operation & Maintenance contracts.
  • Engineering consultancy.
  • Plumbing design.