Our tie-up

We have tie-up with the Mysore Sales International Ltd. (MSIL) for the marketing of our products under the brand name “MSIL-epure”.


The government of Karnataka, pioneer in industrial promotion and growth the need of an organization to manage the marketing needs. To manage the marketing needs of growing industries in the state, a unique concept of marketing enterprise in the public sector was born in March 1966, in Bangalore – MYSORE SALES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.

Since the MSIL has grown from a humble trading house to vibrant multi products, multi dimensional marketing and export house, offering a wide range of products and services.

The changing consumer profit has molded the activities of these business houses, marketing it, entered new and challenging fields. There by diversifying its operations and broadening its horizons. The company now with a national marketing presence has crossed an annual turnover of Rs.1910.05 Crores, and is one of the very few public escorts undertaking to earn substantial profit continuously.

Looking back in the late 60’s MSIL was a novel concept in the public sector a centralized marketing unit for the numerous state owned industries with its in house advertising agency, marketing consultants and agencies limited. It provided a comprehensive range of marketing and advertisement services, giving it unique place among the public sector undertaking in India.

By the late 70’s MSIL had already established its capability in handling a diverse range of products and services and its field of operation which began to extend beyond marketing.

In the 80’s MSIL entered the consumer durable market through its hire-purchase scheme. The early 90,s saw MSIL streamline the distribution of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) in the state. Today, when the world has entered a new millennium, MSIL is unabatedly forging ahead with fresh zeal, banking on its expertise to manage the dynamics of change.

In recent times MSIL had paradigm shift to the consumer durable market with its hire purchase scheme.-MSIL homemaker and with the MSIL Tours and Travels, it has started meeting the travel requirements of the Public also. When there was need for stream lining the liquor distribution in the state, it was once again MSIL which rose to the occasion and with its wide network, it has carried out the task effectively.

MSIL’s motto has always been ‘CONCERN FOR THE CONSUMER’. In early MSIL entered the Chit Funds arena to help the public to have ready access to money invested. The scheme introduced under the brand name “MSIL CHITS” are an answer to a growing demand and have received a huge response. They cater to all income groups and help channel money towards targeted needs.

The Corporate Office of the MSIL is at Bangalore with 3 Branch Office at Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. The company also has 9 chit funds branches within the Bangalore and Branches all over the KARNATAKA.


Keeping pace with the winds of rapid industrialization that are sweeping Karnataka, MSIL is today resting on a strong footing of excellent performance coupled with deep rooted trust and confidence amongst its clientele.

Mysore Sales International Limited, popularly known as MSIL, is a marketing organization formed in 1966 to meet the marketing needs of Karnataka. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength, to emerge as a dynamic marketing force with a national presence and international reach.

A keen sense of business acumen, trade experience, managerial effectiveness and credibility are a few of the hallmarks of this marketing giant. And, its ability to manage a diverse range of products and services through innovative marketing strategies is the secret of its success. In a business where the prime motivator is people, MSIL has developed flexibility in its thinking and management,

Enabling it to tackle every fresh challenge with an innovative approach. To stay in rhythm with the changing tastes and values.

From a modest turnover of just Rs. 1.5 Crores in 1996, MSIL has today achieved a turnover of Rs. 1910.05 Crores,. And, is one of the very few public sector undertakings to earn substantial profits continuously.

Today, when the world has entered a new millennium, MSIL is unabatedly forging ahead with fresh zeal, banking on its expertise to manage the dynamics of change.


  • To carry all kinds of Agency Business.
  • To carry in guarantee and indemnity business relating to any products/manufacturing.
  • To buy, sell, import, manipulate, prepare for market and deal in merchandise of all kinds and generally, factories, manufacturing and carry on business as merchants for Imports and Exports.
  • To establish offices, godowns, showrooms, exhibitions, art galleries, factories, manufacturing and trading centers in any part of the world.
  • To act as agents, brokers and trustees for any person or company.
  • To promote commerce in relation to industrial undertakings in India and abroad. To carry on the business of manufacturers and of dealers in leather dresses, counters, tanners, makers of leather goods.
  • To carry on the business of leasing and the hire purchase financing.
  • To carry on the business of agents/ dealers in stores of exporters and importers of all kinds of perishable items.

Our Specialization includes