E-pure (Ro + UV)

E pure is one of the most popular and well designed water purifier of our company. This machine is supported with all the necessary features available in the country. It has got RO systems, UV System, AFT in addition to all other filtrations.

It is a high quality imported RO membrane of DOW Company of USA. The body is opaque and state-of-the-art look with self design. This water purifier is highly durable and requires less maintenance level. It gives upto 15 litres of RO purified water per hour and maximum of 75 liters per day. The storage tank is of about 7 liters capacity tank. The most exciting part is after-sales service and also our company offers life time free service at the service centre.

Value Added Services

  • AMC for WTP/STP/ETP.
  • Installation & commissioning.
  • Onsite Training.
  • Operation & Maintenance contracts.
  • Engineering consultancy.
  • Plumbing design.